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Apple’s Leopard to chase MS Vista

Friday, June 30, 2006 Leave a comment

Just weeks after Microsoft invited the world to trial Vista, the next version of Windows, Apple’s announced it will soon be publicly unwrapping its new OS. Known as Leopard – or, more prosaically, version 10.5 – the new OS will be shown off to developers and tech journos at a bash in San Francisco starting 7th August. So far, Apple has disclosed very little about Leopard, beyond its shipping date.

The operating system will be available for both PowerPC and Intel processors. Builds since 10.0 have been written for both processors, but never publicly available as a retail product until Leopard.

Information suggests that Apple is also developing a new telephony application into Leopard. Features include on-screen Caller ID, desktop dialing, speakerphone, and voicemail. Users will be able to access numbers from their Address Book, cellphone (iPhone) via Bluetooth, among others.

Hmm…this is really something to look out for…i guess 🙂

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Windows Live ID Service

Thursday, June 29, 2006 Leave a comment

Since its inception, the Microsoft Passport service has existed in a digital world that is increasingly multi-centered and rich in contexts. This digital world requires the sharing and federation of identities and close attention to matters of user control. These requirements have led Microsoft to evolve the Passport service continuously. To emphasize this evolution, Microsoft is changing the name of the service to something more indicative of its specific contribution to the emerging “identity metasystem”: the Windows Live ID service.

Windows Live and Office Live are Internet-based software services designed to deliver rich, seamless experiences to individuals and small businesses. The offerings combine the power of software with online services to make compelling new tools that complement Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft online services need to know who is interacting with them—just as users need to know that the services themselves are legitimate. This mutual need requires the use of digital identities. The Windows Live ID service is designed to manage identity and trust within the Windows Live ecosystem.

For end users, the Windows Live ID service provides roaming access to the broad array of Microsoft online services. For developers, it enables over 300 million potential online users to access their applications.

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Microsoft Testing Software ‘Locker’

Thursday, June 29, 2006 Leave a comment

Microsoft on Wednesday rolled out a beta version of its new “digital locker” technology, which will be integrated into an upcoming version of the Windows Marketplace Web site. The digital locker enables users to purchase and download software from a variety of different vendors directly through Microsoft.

The digital locker was designed to give customers a single page for controlling their personal information and purchase history, allowing them to instantly see what software licenses they own. Microsoft is offering programs from the libraries of Digital River, eSellerate, Handango and Kagi, but will not support independent ISVs. Credit card charges will be handled by Microsoft’s delivery partners, the company said.

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Rediff…Looks different!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 Leave a comment

Don’t know when did this happen, but Rediff looks really different today. They have completely redesigned the look n feel of their site. Have to say looks really neat now. In fact there is a message from the CEO explaining why they were forced to change the user interface design ( The major changes:

  1. The ‘Directory of Services’ should help you find what you want faster.
  2. How to find airfares, how to find jobs, how to compare the prices of many products have now been brought together.
  3. All the community services have been brought together under ‘Featured Users’.

My suggestion – They really need to stop those pop-up ads :). They really keep bugging you.

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Microsoft puts Office 2007 preview online

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Came across this interesting piece of information – Microsoft is trying to allow people to try out the next Office, without the hassle of installing beta software or replacing their current version. They released a free, web-based test version of the new office yesterday.

“The online test drive offers the perfect opportunity for everyone to experience an easier and better way to work,” Microsoft said.

The new Office is a considerable departure from the current edition of the productivity suite, sporting a radically redesigned user interface as well as new XML-based file formats.

Test Drive Microsoft Office

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How the CLR Resolves Type References

Sunday, June 25, 2006 Leave a comment

Not sure how many of us really understand how the CLR resolves type references, but if you are interested in knowing how this happens, i would strongly suggest you to go through the below flowchart. The chart, i feel is pretty much self explanatory. This flowchart is from Jeffrey Richter's book on Applied Microsoft .Net Framework Programming in which he has explained the process in detail. The second edition of this book called CLR via C# is also available. The second edition talks about the new features in .Net 2.0 in addition to the other CLR features.


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Microsoft Axes WinFS, Cancels Beta 2

Sunday, June 25, 2006 1 comment

This was a very promising and exciting new technology that was set to simplify information storage and retrieval, but seems it has been axed by Microsoft.

The lead program manager for WinFS, Quentin Clark, has announced that his product is no more — at least in its current form. Just one week after a slew of WinFS sessions at TechEd, Microsoft has decided not to continue development on the new file system, canceling the expected Beta 2 release.

Although the status of WinFS has already changed a number of times, it seems Microsoft has finally given up on once-lofty plans to completely re-architect the way Windows stores files. The idea of WinFS, or Windows File Store, was to create a "sea of data" that abolishes the need for the standard file and folder hierarchy.

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