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Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

Yesterday I had posted an entry on Google Notebook on my blog. While I was writing the entry, I was thinking whether Microsoft had an answer to this application. It turns out that Microsoft had already thought about this scenario, wherein people would have to collect information entities in the form of notes, audio, video, documents etc. and store all of these at a centralized location for a quick and efficient retrieval at a later point in time; much earlier. Thus came up this product which they called ‘OneNote’. Thanks to my friend at Microsoft who pointed out this product to me. Not many of us are aware of this product and its features, I feel.

OneNote 2003 was a new program in the Microsoft Office System that enabled users to capture, organize, and reuse notes on laptop computers, desktop computers, or Tablet PCs. It gave you one place to store all your notes and the freedom to work with them however you want to. OneNote 2003 also helped you in capturing information in multiple ways and then let you organize and use it according to your needs.

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, the next version of OneNote, is a digital notebook that provides a flexible way to gather and organize your notes and information, powerful search capabilities so you can find what you’re looking for quickly, and easy-to-use shared notebooks for teams to work together more effectively. Also new to OneNote 2007 are shared notebooks, which enable you to have a common notebook between teammates to gather and organize meeting notes, brainstorming ideas, Web research and more. OneNote 2007 automatically merges each individual’s changes—even when two people are working in the notebook at the same time—so that everyone always has the latest copy of the notebook. You can work in shared notebooks while offline, too, and OneNote 2007 automatically updates your changes when you reconnect to the network, ensuring that you and your teammates are always on the same page.

If you are interested in having a look at these new features I suggest you have a look at this cool demo on the Microsoft OneNote 2007 site.

If you are a blogger, there is really good news for you. OneNote 2007 will support blogging via Word. For a blogger, OneNote 2003 was a great tool to for collecting information, organize ideas, and write drafts, but he needed to use some other tools to publish the entry on his blog. Now, you can do everything in OneNote! Isn’t that exciting 🙂 ?

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