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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 – My Comments

I had earlier posted an entry on IE7 Beta 3 release on my blog. Many of my friends came back with many criticisms on how Microsoft was trying to emulate the capabilities of Firefox in IE 7.

I agree to the fact that Microsoft has indeed brought in some good features into IE 7 that Firefox already has like tabbed browsing, page zoom in-out etc. But Microsoft would have realized that these are pretty good features and any browser must have these features, so that it enhances the whole browsing experience for a user. So it was quite obvious as to why they put in these features in IE 7.

I have to say that I am indeed quite impressed with the work Microsoft has done on IE 7. The Beta bits surely look promising. The RSS reader/subscription feature, for me is the crucial differentiator. For people like me who like to read various blogs, this feature can be really helpful. Integration of RSS reader into the browser was indeed something that I thought would come up sooner or later, and it did. Now I am really curious to have a look at what the Windows RSS platform has to offer. IE 7 also gives the feature to update these feeds automatically or manually.

RSS Reader Feature

Another feature that I was quite impressed with is the quick tabs feature (shown below), in which within a window the browser shows all the tabbed windows with its contents. It also gives the options to close or refresh each tabbed window from this view.

Quick Tabs Feature

IE 7 also gives a tab list feature (shown below), using which we can open up a particular tabbed window quickly. This is also a useful feature.

Tabs List Feature

The above mentioned are some of the features that I couldn’t find in Firefox. This means that Microsoft has really thought a lot more about this version than just about beating Firefox. These are features of Beta 3, so we can hope that we would see some more features coming into the final version of IE 7.

Now that I mentioned the good points about IE 7, let me mention some shortcomings as well. One of the nice features of Firefox is the “Find” feature. As and when we start typing a text, the browser starts searching and highlighting the matching text. IE 7 find feature has not at all changed from the earlier versions. Microsoft needs to have a look at how they can improve this feature.

Another nice Firefox feature is the light weight download manager that ships with it. I think its high time Microsoft also provides an even better download manager with pause and resume features. That would be be a really useful feature. Hopefully Microsoft will realize this soon and come up with these features in the next release of IE 7.

Do let me know your comments on IE 7.

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    Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 12:16 am

    IE7 looks like it’s finally ready to rise up to a revamp rather than just sending out the same application with a new version number.

    My only gripe with the Beta release is that they still have not sorted that horrid Favourte Organiser, it’s really still quite awfull to manage.

    I must say I do love the Tab preview view it’s great.

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