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Web Service Software Factory

Microsoft has been talking about software factories for some time now, but now we see that they are indeed coming out with some really cool stuff on that front. As i would like to put it: “The factory is smoking”. I know its a bad line :). In one of my previous entry’s i had talked about Smart Client Software Factory. Recently Microsoft patterns and practices group has come out with the Web Service Software Factory. The Service Factory is the latest addition to the fast-growing crop of factories, including the Smart Client Software Factory and the Mobile Client Software Factory.

Using the Web Service Software Factory, developers and architects can build more consistent, higher quality distributed systems with less effort. The Service Factory is based upon a robust layered architecture and includes written and automated guidance that spans all layers of a service including the service interface, business logic and data access logic.

Tom Hollander has written a nice entry on Web Service Factory on his blog. Do read it. In order to download the service factory and read about the same visit the following link:

Download (Right now only C# version of the same is available, but you can expect the VB.Net version to come out soon)

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