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Instant LoC Analyzer v1.0 Released!

Saturday, August 19, 2006 1 comment

This was a tool which was there in my mind since long but due to lack of time i couldn’t develope it. Finally i have come up with the tool and is available for free download.

Over time we have seen a lot of Lines of Code counter utilities for code written in .Net languages and other platforms in the market. Even though we have a lot of such or similar utilities I as an end user or developer always felt that the following were the main problems that haunted me if I wanted to do a quick lines of code analysis:

  • There are so many of them out there that I was confused as to which one to use.
  • Most of them didn’t even have a user manual.
  • If one tool had a particular feature that I wanted, it would not have some other feature which would have helped me analyze the effort more accurately.
  • Finally, I think one of the most sought after feature in any LoC counter utility, is the ability to export the analysis results into an excel file, which is a feature which not many LoC counter tools I have seen, provide.

Let me just give you a very brief introduction to the LoC counter tool that I have developed, for VS 2005 solutions and projects as well as for any C# or VB code files:

Instant Loc Analyzer is a simple .Net 2.0 windows application/tool that can be used to count the lines of code that make up a Visual Studio 2005 Solution, Project or C#/VB Code Files. The application can provide you valuable information like the number of designer generated lines of code in addition to providing the number of lines of code, the number of commented lines, the number of blank lines, and the total number of lines at a solution level, project level and code file level. It gives you the additional option of exporting the analysis results to an excel file.

Instant LoC Analyzer v1.0

Waiting for your comments and suggestions…..

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Download Instant LoC Analyzer v1.0 (977.66 Kb)

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