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Microsoft TechEd 2006 India – Bangalore

Sunday, June 25, 2006 Leave a comment

On 22nd and 23rd of June 2006 Microsoft conducted Tech•Ed in Bangalore at Hotel Grand Ashok. Being a .net professional I also got a chance to attend the event. As usual all the sessions were very informative and thought provoking. I was particularly impressed with the sessions taken by Gaurav Khanna on CLR 2.0 Hosting and Vineet Gupta on Hack proofing applications.

Gaurav works as a developer evangelist at Microsoft. He is real geek with real good articulation skills. It’s always a pleasure to attend his sessions. The guy at 27 has an immense amount of knowledge about the platform and that’s what really amazes me. There is only one problem. Never ever does he forget to mention his ‘famous’ pizza delivery example while talking about service orientation. But I have to admit that it is indeed a good example to explain service orientation. He owns a very interesting blog. Check out his blog at : Don’t forget to read his resume.

Vineet’s session was also really interesting. In 90 minutes, he was able to show us some of the common mistakes we as developers commit, while writing application code, which could easily open up the gates for the hackers. He concentrated on common modes of attack like SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, canonicalization etc. He also gave demos on how to mitigate such vulnerabilities. I was particularly impressed with his personal introduction where he said “…at that time Microsoft was not looking for skilled professionals…so I got hired”. He works as a technical evangelist at Microsoft.

Other than these sessions I attended sessions on AJAX, SharePoint Portal Server 2007, Office 2007, provider model, WCF and WinFS.

The WinFS session started off with a video. The video was kind of a trailer for WinFS features. The video was really impressive and cool. You can download the video from:

At the end of the event all the attendees were gifted an umbrella and SQL Server 2005 trial, Office 2007 beta, Vista beta DVDs.

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